My Art has a Deadline!

Today’s blog entry is about seizing opportunities and subsequently losing your mind over them. Art helps me cope with stress, but it has also opened up new possibilities. I’m currently losing my mind over trying to get a shirt design printed (https://www.threadless.com/designs/rainbow-deer-head), because I want to use the money to get to IBD and ostomy events. And I really need a win in life.

My sister found a great site called Society6 where I could sell my art on various products and the company would handle all the printing, shipping, and handling. I’m by no means a professional, I went for it! This led me to try submitting a shirt design idea to Threadless, an apparel company based in Chicago. They put my design up for scoring and funding (pre-ordering), and now I’m all flustered and hopeful.

After 7 days, the fate of my art will be decided. I need help with this. 

  • The only way this endeavor will succeed is with you, friends.
  • The design’s score must be high (5 is highest)
  • People need to share the link
  • Spread the message that people can (and should! 🙂 ) pre-order the shirts for a discount and get free shipping. If the design isn’t printed due to lack of interest, nobody will be charged.

If you refer at least 5 people who buy shirts, let me know so I can send you a little thank you gift!

I love bright colors and drippy paint!

I love bright colors and drippy paint!

I took up painting because two friends took me to a painting party, which is a one time class. Their styles are very different from mine, and one is a legitimate artist. That can be intimidating! My sweet friends know my insecurities and help me face them, and that’s one of the reasons I’m still creating more art.

At Bottle and Bottega, Glen Ellyn

Now I love painting even though I am very insecure about my work. Sometimes the insecurity is so severe I throw my art away, but sometimes it works out well and I’m able to use it to cheer someone up. After that one painting day, I started doing simple paintings with plain animal stencils I printed and cut out or traced. I don’t always have specific ideas for new projects, but I know I want to use my talent to do something useful within the IBD and ostomy communities.

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to say anything! The following are ways to reach me, follow my work, and throw ideas my way.

Email: partiallyunstuffed@gmail.com or callmezeldy@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alyssa.zeldenrust/
Twitter: @UnstuffedAlyssa https://twitter.com/UnstuffedAlyssa
Instagram: @partiallyunstuffed https://instagram.com/partiallyunstuffed/

Here’s the link to share: https://www.threadless.com/designs/rainbow-deer-head


2 comments on “My Art has a Deadline!

  1. Hello,

    My name is Sattin, and I work for The Henne Group(www.thehennegroup.com)

    We are conducting a unique project that involves individuals with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, that are on Entyvio. The Henne Group is collaborating with C Space, a trusted research agency, in building a private online advisory group, or online community, of 50 individuals living with various health ailments, in Australia, Canada, Germany, the US, and the UK. Participants will share their opinions and feedback with a well-respected pharmaceutical company, whose goal is to understand more about your journey as a patient and to help develop new therapies to improve patient care and treatment.

    Patients who qualify and agree to participate will:
    -Share their opinions and observations about their health experiences
    -Interact with other individuals that have the same health ailments as they do
    -Influence innovation at a pharmaceutical company
    -Earn honoraria (Monthly electronic gift cards and payments) for market research participation

    You can participate in this online community whenever and wherever it is convenient. You will be asked for your opinions and ideas in a variety of ways, including surveys, discussion boards, and brainstorming sessions. Members will typically spend about 5 to 15 minutes per week in the community. NO ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE TO SELL ANYTHING OR INFLUENCE MEMBERS’ THINKING AND ALL PARTICIPATION IS CONFIDENTIAL.

    As a thank you for your time and contributions to the community, members have the opportunity to receive honoraria in the form of Amazon e-gift certificates along the way. The more they participate, the more they receive!

    If you are interested in participating, please complete this short screener to see if you qualify.


    Thank you!
    Sattin Bacus

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